Residential / Commercial Windows Tinting


Long Lasting

New quality window films available today are long lasting. Metalized films with lifetime warranties and high performance films have put an end to that ugly bubbled-purple tint. You can get your windows tinted and feel at ease knowing you tint it is warranted against fading and deterioration.

Sun Shade

Reduce brightness and glare with light reflecting window films. Constant exposure to sun light can damage your skin and your eyesight. The sun rays are especially bad for kid’s eyes, but baby shades and window screens don’t block all of the light. They tend to leave gaps or holes allowing bright light to penetrate and they restrict your visibility. Window tinting is the best solution for blocking bright sunlight.

Enhanced Appearance

You can boost the look of your home/business with many different types of window film.

Added Privacy

Everyone has seen limo tint or one-way glass tinting, and these techniques can be applied almost anywhere. Since window tinting reflects light it acts as a one-way mirror allowing you to see out while preventing others from seeing in. Most all window films reduce exterior visibility, but certain types of tint that contain sputtered aluminium, known as “high performance-metalised films”, increase this effect. Mirror tinting is also available, which uses a thin metal layer to completely reflect exterior light.

Protection From UV Rays

Tint is proven to reduce dangerous ultraviolet rays by up to 99%. It not only protects you and your family from skin cancer, it also protects your interiors preventing damage to your property such as furniture, paintings, artwork, window treatments and merchandise.

Increased Value

Adding custom interior design and practical renovations is known to increase property value. Window tinting does both by adding a stylish look, reducing glare, and cutting costs. It’s a fact that homes, vehicles, and buildings are worth more with window tinting.

Reduced Energy Cost

As you know there is nothing hotter than the heat from that great ball of fire we call The Sun. This leads to more power being needed to keep your home cool or maintain a comfortable work environment. Even vehicles use more gas with the air conditioning on. All of which create high energy bills. High performance window films reject heat and insulate windows efficiently without restricting visibility.